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December 29, 2017

I've never written a blog before, and also couldn't understand how anyone ever had the time to go on facebook regularly to share interesting details of their life (I don't think anyone would be interested in even the most interesting things about my life, but there we go....). I was discussing this with some current acupuncture students recently, and decided that, really, my take on a blog would be a bit of a rant. So I apologise for the post-Christmas rant, but everyone has to start somewhere.

My list of things to rant about is rather long, now that I think about it, so I'm going to start with something close to my heart - my family's current upper respiratory snottiness. Several members of my family are currently battling colds and coughs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture, colds and coughs are often described as 'invasion of wind cold' or 'wind heat' depending on symptoms. Since the Lung is the main organ affected by these it will come as no shock to discover that the Lung as a channel and organ in TCM is the one often under attack and responsible for the 'wei qi' or immune system as western medicine basically understands it. However, at this time of year we are often over-indulging in sweet, sugary 'treats' and fatty foods, along with our over-consumption of dairy foods, and this can make our problem worse as it causes more production of 'damp' and 'phlegm' so is likely to make the duration of any cough or cold longer.

Without trying to spoil anyone's fun, moderation is the key (boring but true). That and bone broth. But that's another rant.

And since I'm promoting myself here and acupuncture in general, a few well-placed needles, taking your own constitution into account, can do wonders to move the phlegm that is blocking up your nose and sinuses and bronchi, and also help to resolve the causes of these problems. I think one problem is that there are few people who would even consider acupuncture for a cough or cold - so we need to get the message out there. A friend of mine (a sceptic at first) was very impressed when I treated her a while ago for a completely blocked nose and sinus pain - within a couple of hours she texted me to report her sinuses had completely cleared and she felt so much better. So we don't have to put up with it or bombard ourselves with medicines.  

What you can do to help:

- cut out dairy, sugar and fatty foods to reduce production of phlegm.

- keep up fluid intake, particularly warm drinks.

- try having regular amounts of bone broth - this is easy to digest and contains lots of vitamins and minerals.

- wrap up warmly if going out, keeping the neck area covered (this is often where the 'wind' can get in).

- get some acupuncture!

Happy New Year to everyone reading.


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