Amanda Watson Acupuncture Patchway, Charlton Hayes, Bristol

Initial consultation and treatment, 1.5 hours, £45

The initial consultation and treatment takes around an hour and a half and will include a detailed discussion of your issues, medical history and lifestyle. The fee for this is £45.

Follow-up treatment, 50 minutes, £35

Follow-up appointments take approximately fifty minutes and will include a briefer update on your issues followed by treatment. Fee £35.

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, 1.5 to 2 hours, £70 (limited offer for when lockdown is lifted from 12th April and beginning of May. New clients only)

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture uses a similar process to other acupuncture treatment. A discussion of your health background will be followed by discussion of what you are happy with about your appearance and what areas you would like to improve.

A full Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture session will take about one and a half to two hours and include acupuncture treatment followed by facial cupping and facial gua sha.

The fee for this full-on pampering experience is currently £70 (introductory rate for a limited time for new clients only).

Facial Cupping and Gua Sha, 50 minutes, £45

Facial Cupping and Gua Sha can be carried out as a separate stand-alone treatment. This will take approximately fifty minutes to one hour and the fee is £45.

Please see my Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture page for more details of these procedures.

Please note that due to the nature of these treatments, a pre-treatment questionnaire is required as there are some contra-indications for these treatments.


From my Google reviews
'I am a Wheelchair user I have been receiving treatment from Amanda for about one year. At first was very nervous, about having Acupuncture again. When I met Amanda for the first time she was so understanding, caring and knowledgeable. I have Cerebral Palsy Diplegia it affects my muscle control, coordination and tone, reflexes, posture and balance. It mainly affects both my legs and circulation in my feet. Over the past year Amanda has worked miracles on the stiffness in my neck and the circulation in my feet.... I just wanted to say Amanda you are an ace acupuncturist and human being thank you very much for you help you have changed my life!' T Rollason

'I started seeing Amanda recently for Osteoarthritis in both my knees. She has so far helped beyond my expectations of what could be achieved both in terms of pain and swelling. .. I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough and am really glad I found her when other treatments were producing disappointing results.' Kerry L

'My husband and I have been receiving treatment from Amanda for various ailments, we cannot believe the results we are having. We really recommend acupuncture by Amanda ...' L Turton

'I suffered with headaches everyday for about 4 months along with crippling migraines that left me in bed for days at a time.... I am so happy and grateful to have found Amanda . Her knowledge is exceptional...I have had 3 sessions so far and it has changed my life. Since my second session my headaches have completely stopped. I have my life back again ! I have an increased appetite more energy and a better outlook on life. I can not recommend Amanda enough!' B Williams

'After being diagnosed ... I did my own research into alternative options and found acupuncture was good for this particular condition. I was a bit reluctant .. sought out a female practitioner. ... Amanda was so thorough, honest and educated it was impossible not to be totally impressed by her knowledge! Amanda also looked at my diet which was causing serious bloating ... Amanda has made so many helpful suggestions to my diet which have not only helped with the side effects on my condition but have resulted in me feeling much better in myself and I've lost half a stone without really trying. I trust Amanda wholeheartedly and can’t recommend her enough.' B Nelmes

'I am 75 years old ... Apart from administering to some long-standing ailments such as tendonitis in my right leg and a swollen left foot, I .. have been a hay fever sufferer for the best part of 55 years. (after treatment) Itchiness in the eyes was greatly reduced, I stopped sneezing almost altogether and I now do not have to take any anti-histamine tablets each day... Acupuncture has been a wonderful discovery late in life for me and Amanda is an excellent practitioner of it. M Rea

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